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The Pass 1988

Перевал - Pereval (1988) by Vladimir Tarasov - English Subtitles - 1/2

An incredible animated short from Russia about space travelers surviving on a strange planet and the journey back to their abandoned ship through a ...

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Steve and Fonz break up the pass 1988

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Buckethead - Mountain pass (russian animation, 1988)

The "Mountain Pass" is the short animation film from russian animator Vitalij Tarasov made in 1988 - incredible, unique and unforgettable - here combined with ...

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"The Pass" (U.S.S.R) (original version with english subtitles)

Directed by Vladimir Tarasov and written by Kir Bulychov. (1988) A starship crashed on an uninhabitate planet and its crew had to abandon it. Years later the ...

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Tim Curry TV interview Feb. 1988 "Pass the Ammo" promo with Annie Potts

Tim Curry and Annie Potts in a February 1988 TV interview promoting their new movie "Pass the Ammo," as both Dom Deluise and Wil Shriner pepper them with ...

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Donald Trump Passed On 1988 Opportunity To Buy The New England Patriots

Donald Trump passed on the opportunity to buy the New England Patriots Football team in 1988. Donald Trump often talks about his multi-billion dollar fortune an...

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Zinedine Zidane ● The Legend ~ Goals, Assists, Passes, Skills (1988 2006) ᴴᴰ

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